January 1, 2004

CVS Keywords

CVS has nice ability to substitute keywords with values, and I really miss this ability in some other proprietary revision control systems (... cough ... ClearCase ...). Examples of CVS keywords are:

  • $Id$ - file ID
  • $Revision$ - file revision
  • $Date$ - file modification date

Keyword substitution usually happens by default for all text files. But this default can be changed using cvs admin command with one of the -k flags, whcih changes keyword substitution mode. Examples are:

  • cvs admin -kb - binary file
  • cvs admin -ko - no substitution
  • cvs admin -kv - default behavior

So, when keyword substitution does not work for some reason - check the substitution mode.

Posted by Vadim at January 1, 2004 3:02 PM

Thank you for this blog. Now i know what the problem with keyword substitution can be solved.

Posted by: symbol@inet.com at May 7, 2004 11:46 AM