February 19, 2004

IntelliJ IDEA 4.0

IntelliJ IDEA 4.0 is out. You can get 30 days full-featured evaluation version , and I already have a license I got with discount during new year promotion ($250 for personal license).

Once you have it, compare it, memory usage wise and performance wise, with your favorite Eclipse version, be it M7 or not. I bet that IDEA will be snappier - that is based on my experience with IBM WebSphere Application Developer 5.1, which is the memory hog.

Posted by Vadim at February 19, 2004 10:07 PM

You seem to think that Eclipse is as bloated as WSAD. You're wrong. I wouldn't want to use WSAD for every day development (although I'm currently developing to a WebSphere server), but Eclipse is light as a feather compared to WSAD.

I'm not saying that either Eclipse or IDEA is "better", but you should at least compare oranges to oranges.

Posted by: Tom Klaasen at February 20, 2004 5:04 AM

Yeeeahd, it's csool

Posted by: Numit at February 21, 2004 6:53 AM