August 19, 2004

Code Analysis Tools

Torsten has stumbled recently upon FindBugs project - tool that performs static analysis of any Java programs and tries to find bugs in it.

As he correctly notices, due to its license (LGPL) we won't be able to integrate it into Cocoon build, but, nobody prevents us from running FindBugs against Cocoon codebase in automated manner on Apache servers.

Moreover, we could easily setup an environment for running all kinds of code analysis and unit test tools, and generate automatic reports. There are already unused imports and unused code reports generated by PMD; same can be done with Clover, FindBugs, other tools.

As an example, for Apache Xindice project, I have setted up trial weekly runs of JUnit tests generating test reports, together with Clover's test coverage reports and historical coverage report.

Is there already a way to do it with Gump?

Posted by Vadim at August 19, 2004 10:16 PM