April 16, 2005

XML Web Application Framework

Interesting tidbit: one of the major XML web application frameworks, Apache Cocoon, when looking it up on the Google using these same words, XML web application framework, appears on the page 52! Apache Forrest, which is based on Cocoon, appears way earlier, on page 11, while Apache Struts (which has nothing to do with XML) is the first match. Isn't it strange?

But if you search for xml web development framework, then Cocoon comes out on top. Reason, I guess, is that web development framework words appear on the front page in a phrase.

I guess we have to let a word out: Cocoon is a feature-rich, and powerful XML web application framework (well, once you get over the learning curve :-) ).

Posted by Vadim at April 16, 2005 10:24 PM