October 14, 2005

Using XT with Cocoon (For real!)

Ok, so if you read the previous piece on XT integration, situation was seeming grim... In desperation, I was trolling the web and found out that just couple of days ago new release of XT is out, XT Version 20051012 with, quote:

more complete JAXP API support
Excellent! Let's give it a spin! So, steps are:
  • Download, unzip, patch TransformerFactoryImpl (same issue as before)
  • Set org.xml.sax.parser environment variable (same issue)
  • Fire it up... Bang! NullPointerException.
  • (To make long story short) Patch it up... Wow! It worked!
After patching up attributes handling in MultiNamespaceResult and ResultBase, of com.jclark.xsl.sax2 package, it really worked.

So now we can finally get to performance testing. On my setup, which I preserved from previous testing, it gave great results! Numbers showed that it is as good as XSLTC and in one scenario even faster! On a memory usage front, it was standing consiistently higher than XSLTC, but significantly lower than the usual suspects.

All in all, even if it requires namespace-prefixes turned on, XT is getting back into the play, and has good chance to change my preference for default XSLT processor. Great work!

PS Those who want to try out XT, mine patched version is here: xt20051012m.zip

Posted by Vadim at October 14, 2005 9:44 AM

Thanks for putting the effort into getting this
working. I've been doing some of my own testing
with cocoon, and putting our resulting fixes
(along with some exslt features) into ongoing releases of XT. The latest, as of right now,
is at: http://www.blnz.com/xt/xt-20051014-src.zip

It sounds like we're pretty close to having a
useful alternative xslt engine for cocoon
deployments, and I'm hopeful that it won't
take long to get XT the rest of the way there.

I'm eager to hear about any more problems or
necessary improvements.

Posted by: Bill Lindsey at October 16, 2005 1:09 AM