May 17, 2004

Fedora Core 2 Released


I knew that as soon as I install Fedora Core 2 Test 3, the release will come out... And it happened.

A bit more about Test 3 - it fared much better than Test 2. I got it installed onto (left over from Test 2) ReiserFS partition without adventures, and it booted Ok: no failures due to missing inittab, no panics because of kudzu. Great. It also worked with sound card, but 1680x1050 resolution was still missing in the list of LCD monitors (SuSe 9.1 Live has this resolution in the list, why not Fedora?)

Now I need to get FC2 release and try it out... Hope for the best.

Posted by Vadim at 9:40 AM

May 13, 2004

Interactive Apache Stats

As many of you know, there is a page where I keep tabs on Apache web server logs. Logs are analyzed and statistics are gathered on virtual hosts and (sub)project levels. Periodically I add more projects to the list (which I forgot to update :-), as requests coming from members of the community.

But all those graphs are static and you can't go back to the past, get graph for longer period, or put several projects on one graph. To address this questions, and satisfy my own curiosity, I'm introducing page where you can interactively specify what do you want to see on the graph. Have you ever wondered, how Tomcat or Struts stacks up against HTTPD? Here is the answer:

HTTPD, Tomcat, and Struts pages served for the last 48 months

Graph is in SVG format (to save server CPU cycles), works with IE and Adobe SVG viewer. Have fun.

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