August 17, 2007

Oracle Database 10g on Mac Mini

Quiet and compact Mac Mini makes nice server. And even though it's little, it can run big boys software, such as Oracle Database 10g. Here's how I did it...
  • First, follow pre-install tasks from Oracle Database Installation Guide. These include creation of oinstall and odba groups, and oracle user account. Documentation makes it easy.
  • Next, need to select right version of gcc. This is done by issuing command:
      sudo gcc_select 3.3
  • Create opt directory:
      sudo mkdir /opt
  • Perform actual Oracle install (this will take a while):
    Skip running database assistant at this step.
  • Once done with it, need to do a bit of a dark magic stuff:
      cd /Users/oracle/db10g/lib/
      mv libnnz10.dylib libnnz10.dylib.ori
      /Users/oracle/db10g/bin/relink all
      mv libnnz10.dylib.ori libnnz10.dylib
    As you can see I installed it in db10g directory - adjust path as necessary.
  • Now you can run database assistant to create a database configuration instance (also takes a while on PowerPC machine):
  • Set up environment variables. I did it in my ~/.profile:
      export ORACLE_HOME=/Users/oracle/db10g
      export ORACLE_SID=ORCL
      export PATH="$PATH:$ORACLE_HOME/bin"
  • Test that it works:
      sqlplus system/<password>
That's it. When you feel like you need to stop or start oracle instance, use commands:
  sudo -u oracle /Users/oracle/db10g/bin/lsnrctl start
  sudo -u oracle /Users/oracle/db10g/bin/dbstart
  sudo -u oracle /Users/oracle/db10g/bin/lsnrctl stop
  sudo -u oracle /Users/oracle/db10g/bin/dbshut
Respectively. Posted by Vadim at August 17, 2007 10:06 PM