December 31, 2003

Xindice 1.1b3 is out

Apache Xindice, native XML database, release 1.1b3 is out. Grab it from the download page. See change list for a list of fixes in this beta.

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December 29, 2003

How To Create LLC

So I had a need to create a (one-member) LLC for my consulting work. After some googling I found out that everybody wants to get some money in order to help you do this, but after chat with my collegue I understood that it is actually not that complex as it sounds (but not as simple as it could be, as well).

Before you read any further, standard disclaimer: IANAL, and even do not play one on Slashdot. :-)

Ok. First of all, you should start off with submitting an application to the office of taxation and assessments of your state (Google seems to know them all). On the site of Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation, there is a form and instructions for filling out an Articles of Organization for the Limited Liability Company. After filling in and printing out the form, it should be mailed with the check to the department. After some time (two to four weeks, me thinks), you'll get a letter stating that your company has been registered. You'll get assigned a number, and you can check status of your company (and order a certificate, if you need) in the Certificate Of Status system.

Next step is to get a federal employer identification number, know as EIN. It is useful for purposes of creating business bank accounts and credit card accounts. This can be done online, by filling out the SS-4 form. More information about this form can be found on Small Business / Self Employed section of the IRS website. Also, read Instructions for Form SS-4 (in PDF format), it has a paragraph about LLC, and how they are treated for federal tax purposes.

Once you have your EIN (you'll get provisional EIN immediately if you apply via internet), you can open a bank account. Credit Union I use provides free business savings & checking accounts to its members, so you may want to check yours (if you are a member of CU).

And the last one, don't forget that you need to send a check quarterly with estimated taxes to the IRS.

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December 25, 2003

Preparing Xindice Release

I'm working on the Xindice release. This release will be named 1.1 beta 3, third beta in 1.1 series. This beta goal is to stabilize code, fix some reentrance bugs, and prepare for 1.1 final release.

I think main issue to be solved before final is to fix bugs highlited by failing test cases, these are primarily issue of returning different datatypes as the result of the xpath query.

Another issue which I'd like to be solved is error handling in XML-RPC driver. If somebody knows good way of passing exceptions via XML-RPC, let me know...

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December 22, 2003

Regexp Progress

Jakarta Regexp bug report is slimming down with reckless speed, thanks to the effort of Oleg Sukhodolsky. If this trend goes any further I'll have to do that final release suggested by Jon some time ago. :-)

But the really serious issues with the Jakarta Regexp are only these two:

  • Bug #764: Due to recursive implementation, size of the input limited by stack size.
  • Bug #9153: Processing time for {n,m} grows exponentially with the input size.

Now, if somebody to provide patch for these two, that release of regexp would be final for sure.

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Weblog Created

Installed MovableType on my new webhost - need to try out this new "blog" thing. Seems like everybody already got one, and I have not even tried yet...

So it is actually very neat piece of work, this MovableType thing, with nice interface and CSS work. The only thing which bothers me is what's CPU utilization like with all those TrackBack and what-else features, and that admin interface does not scales well when you increase font size.

Also I quickly found out that TrackBack/Ping URL/etc works with only other MT blogs, such as Tony's one (btw, nice customization! do you always write about "Cocoon: Internet Glue" only? And good luck with this new job thing :)

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