January 30, 2004

SCO: Litigious Bastards

In other news, it was reported a discovery of the largest hive of litigious bastards known to the mankind. Currently, the hive resides in the state of Utah, and it took over what was known before as The SCO Group.

Currently hive of litigious bastards is lead by the Darl McBribe into the fiasco. But don't worry about Darl McBribe, if he follows an advice from the board now, he will be well set for the years to come, as the rest of SCO Management already is.

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MS Recommends Upgrade Internet Explorer to Mozilla

If you have not heard those really wonderful news that Microsoft finally admitted that Mozilla is the industry gold standard internet browser, you have to check out this page:

Download details: Mozilla 1.6


PS This URL works as intended only in IE, due to its unique physiology.

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January 12, 2004

Quote of the Week

That must be the funniest quote of the week, or, I'm sure, of the month. Microsoft's Windows digital media division's manager David Fester said in front of people at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas:

Windows is about choice - ...

That must have been really humiliating!

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January 1, 2004

CVS Keywords

CVS has nice ability to substitute keywords with values, and I really miss this ability in some other proprietary revision control systems (... cough ... ClearCase ...). Examples of CVS keywords are:

  • $Id$ - file ID
  • $Revision$ - file revision
  • $Date$ - file modification date

Keyword substitution usually happens by default for all text files. But this default can be changed using cvs admin command with one of the -k flags, whcih changes keyword substitution mode. Examples are:

  • cvs admin -kb - binary file
  • cvs admin -ko - no substitution
  • cvs admin -kv - default behavior

So, when keyword substitution does not work for some reason - check the substitution mode.

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