February 19, 2004

IntelliJ IDEA 4.0

IntelliJ IDEA 4.0 is out. You can get 30 days full-featured evaluation version , and I already have a license I got with discount during new year promotion ($250 for personal license).

Once you have it, compare it, memory usage wise and performance wise, with your favorite Eclipse version, be it M7 or not. I bet that IDEA will be snappier - that is based on my experience with IBM WebSphere Application Developer 5.1, which is the memory hog.

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February 18, 2004

It Does Exist!

Yes, apparently, T-Shirt with Apache logo from Jinx Hackwear does really exist! I placed an order for one back in September (9/13/2003), and just 5 month later (2/18/2003), here it is!

Unfortunately, instead of black it is in blue. Well, at least now they note on the page what they have in stock and what not - so get one while they last. It's a pity that black was discontinued...

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February 8, 2004

Xindice Closing on 1.1b4

Xindice is closer and closer to the next beta release. Of course, there are still some unresolved bugs left, and I would like to have more of these resolved, but time constraints and RERO principle are not letting me.

Improvements made since 1.1b3 should make life of regular Xindice users easier:

  • Added command line tool to all distributions
  • Improved binary resource support
  • Improved embedded driver configuration
  • Updated XUpdate implementation
  • ... other changes ...

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February 1, 2004

Google Bomb

So as soon as joined the fun to link SCO to Litigious Bastards (as suggested on [SI]Dragon's site), as SCO popped up on the top of the Google search:

Search Google

Enjoy while it lasts.

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